What is your Why.

Whenever I start feeling sorry for myself and want to quit, I take a drive to North Glenmore park and look at the place where I used to sleep in my truck.  Or I think about living in China for 4 years and half of them were spent in Changchun where english is not the first, second, third or fourth language.  Sometimes I remember my lovely translator that got reassigned one morning and I was on my own with my skaters ever after.  Or I remember reaching my Changchun apartment for the first time and truly realizing what walking up 23 flights of stairs with my bike felt like. We had no elevator and I lived on the 12th floor.

Just quit Greg.  Go back to Canada....

I had no interpreter. I had no internet for 2 years.  I didn't hear a word of english for 6 months once.  The food was covered in cooking oil.  I had no toilet paper.  I had diarrhea. The internet cafe, the one internet cafe, was always full.  My teeth turned brown from bad water.  There was no air conditioning in the summer and it was 35 degrees.  They wouldn't give me a key to the weightroom.

Just call it a day man, no one should go through this....

There were cockrochs in my bathroom.  I got sick.  I had to ride my bike to the hospital to get my IV's everyday for a week.  I had to sit through 3 hour Chinese meetings because I was a coach and I didn't understand ONE word.  I didn't sleep more then 5 hours a night for months on end because I HAD TO LEARN CHINESE to survive.

That's rough man.  You did your best, now its time to go home....

I tore my adductor doing Taekondo.  I got addicted to painkillers.  I drank at noon everyday because its the culture and their is no way out mei ban fa.  My wife divorced me (as she should have).   I didn't see my son for 8 months after he was born.  

Dude your a warrior, now its time to take a rest.....

I had to run with fat skaters because they were fat every morning at 6am.  The food was the SAME SHIT every 6 days, an unending rotation for 4 YEARS.  My fingernails turned white. I got hit by a car riding my bike.  Someone sucker punched me for my basketball.  The weight room had no bars.  No benches.  We lifted rocks.  My hands hurt.  I had to ride my bike in the rain.  I was too cold. It was too hot. I sweated alot.  I didn't get paid enough.  My skaters tried to drown me.  I got ripped off in Shanghai.  I lost all my money.  Back to the truck.

I didn't quit.


I did it for 4 years because I knew I could help my team WIN and after I had another life I had to get back to.  I wasn't even invited to the medal ceremony in Vancouver. It doesn't matter.  I wanted to be a coach of a National team program and help them win gold medals.  I wrote that in a book when i was 22 years old and realized when I was 30 years old.

What is your WHY?

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