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There are basically 5 reasons you might potentially want to enroll your athlete in the Countdown to Quadrant Program (CQ) at the Jungle:

🔴 Reason One: Your athlete needs to be built up

We love working with our youth athletes. Our program is simple. We build self esteem, mental strength and physical dominance

🔴Reason Two: Your Athlete Needs More Speed

This is the most obvious one. Your athlete has some skill but are always a little bit behind on the play. Maybe they are practicing some footwork with their team already. But it doesn't seem to be working. It's not transferring to the court/ice or field. They need 'Game Speed'.  We can help.

🔴Reason Three: Your already paying a trainer...but it's not working

Many 'trainers' don't have the background in human growth and development to understand how to train a youth effectively. Determining where a youth client is with regards to developmental growth cycle is the THE most important aspect when assigning a program.  Programming is NOT about being specific to age, gender, or sport.  It’s all about Peak Height Velocity (PHV, or commonly referred to as “puberty”).  For youth clients (ESPECIALLY youth athletes), the type movement training, plyometric level, and weight room loading patterns ALL must match the stage of growth.  

Youth athletes are athletes first and weight room lifters second or third.  They don't have the same hours of practice with heavy bars or complex movements....so attaining a training effect that is noticeable on the field...can be elusive. But that's what your paying for. Improvement in their sport or sports.

Our system is based on simple exercises that challenge the athletes nervous system and muscle system so that you KNOW they are getting better. The results on the court/field/ice don't lie.

🔴Reason Four: Your athlete needs more body armour

Sometimes the difference between whether an athlete makes it to the next level or not is based in part on how much they 'look the part'. Unfair but true. Is your athlete a little bit undersized?  Do coaches often wish that they were 'Just a little bigger'? Or do they have injuries flare up that keep them on the sidelines too often?

We can help.

Our Program can emphasize adding functional and lean muscle to our athletes physique that can not only make them 'look the part' but be the part AND stay injury free.

🔴Reason Five: Your Athlete Needs An Individualized Approach

Many Youth facilities cram as many athletes into groups as they can.

We don't.

Our athletes are young people and our facility isn't a factory. It's a place to be challenged, encouraged and motivated. We take great pride in adjusting our program to fit the needs of your individual athlete. One size doesn't fit all.