Jungle Athletics Youth Sports Performance

Bring Your Game To The Next Level


Utilize our proven methods and techniques to improve your team’s performance! Our custom-designed team training programs will help you to restore, rebuild and refine the way your team plays and will keep you steps ahead of the completion!

Our Speed program is designed to train athletes for any sport with emphasis on moving correctly which aids in injury prevention, body awareness, explosiveness and enhancing stamina and strength. All athletes will learn the appropriate movement patterns and technique necessary to have a more explosive first step and improve lateral, straight-ahead speed. Athletes will take away improved athleticism specifically for his or her sport, and learn how to devote time to sustain their bodies for long-term success!



✅Learn proper dynamic warm-up

✅Speed, agility, reaction and plyometric training

✅Team evaluations

✅Sports specific drills that will transfer to real game action

✅Fully customizable training programs for your team

✅Advanced training equipment