A Program For All Athletes

Here’s a full list of each of our programs. Discover the one that’s right for you.



Our Athletic Foundations Program will lay the coordination, confidence and movement groundwork for your child’s exciting journey through sport.


hpt (high performance training) 13-17 year old

This program is designed to unlock the raw talent in every athlete! We focus on the key aspects of sports; change of direction, acceleration, and power training. Along with creating the ultimate athleticism through flexibility, speed, strength, power, agility and stamina. This training program has prepared athletes at Jungle for all sports at the NCAA D-1 and CIS level


CIS/jr 18+

The Jungle’s CIS training program helps collegiate athletes maximize their college career and prepares them to play on a professional level. We offer both in-season and off-season training for collegiate athletes at our facility to bring out the best in each athlete. Our objective is to prepare each athlete, helping you excel in speed, strength, stamina, nutrition, and recovery.