Jungle Athletics. Youth Sports Performance

High Performance Training (HPT)

"Our job is to build a new type of athlete, one radically different from others. We will do this by serving out athletes the vegetables they need to grow grit"

-Coach Greg


When we coach and design programs for youth athletes, we focus on their development age, what sport(s) they play, and how those sports impact their bodies. Our curricula help an athlete evolve through their athletic development, from age 7 through high school and beyond.

In our HTP program (Age 12-17), we strive to:

  • Empower athletes to carry over results achieved at HTP to sport(s) or activities,

  • Educate coaches and parents so strength training becomes a regular part of their sport(s) schedule,

  • Develop a superiorly resilient athlete by building “body armor” through strength and conditioning,

  • Produce high-performing athletes by maximizing speed, agility and reactive qualities, and

  • Provide a motivating, team-oriented training environment where “can’t” doesn’t exist.

Athletes will progress through various levels of performance, based on their individual goals and needs. Whether you have a serious athlete looking to reach his or her maximum potential or a young fitness enthusiast, HPT program will get them there!

Each athlete receives a fully personalized program, a 6:1 Coach:Athlete ratio, and an Athletic Performance Profile sent to parents and coaches after important training cycles.

Performance Athletes train in a team-like environment where competitiveness is encouraged. Coaches motivate, educate, and inspire athletes to maximize carryover of strength and skills to their sport(s) of choice.



We invented Athletic Foundations for our own kids (Maximus, Mckenzie and Katie).  We wanted to build a safe place where they feel welcomed yet challenged, a familiar place yet filled with obstacles that need be overcome. Sport mimics life and we want our children (ALL of our Jungle children) to learn through sport the art of moving through life.  -Char and Greg


As parents we know and understand that our world is rapidly changing. We developed this program with tomorrows child in mind. Adaptability, accountability and responsibility are the foundations of a great athlete and human being. 

This learn through play program  is broken down into 2 components

Athletic Development

  •  Body awareness and proprioception

  •  tumbling, falling, crawling and bracing

  •  acceleration mechanics

  •  Coordination,catching , upper body strength development


Lifestyle Habits

  • respectful behaviour towards teachers, coaches, and teammates

  • Age appropriate nutrition ( identifying hunger cues, portion sizes, benefits of proper nutrition)

  • De- stressing strategies

  • appropriate electronics use

  • the importance of sleep and nighttime routine


Giving  your child the opportunity to learn life long habits will allow you to know that you're giving them every chance to contribute as  positive role models to your family and their community







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