Jungle Athletics Youth Sports Performance

Summer Masikewich moved to working with Greg at the Jungle after spending several years training at other facilities with little to show for her efforts. It was on the advice of summer's shooting coach Shawnee Harle, Canada's only NCCP level 5 coach, that gave Summer the confidence to try out the unknown Jungle. Greg has pushed summer far outside her comfort zone and helped her realize that she is capable of far more then she thought.  Summer is the epitome of many of our jungle rules such as leaving her ego at the door (rule#4), being comfortable being uncomfortable (rule#5) and taking extreme responsibility with everything that impacts her training (rule#7) . While Summer is well known for her superior basketball skills she may be less known as having a tireless work ethic and happy-go -lucky personality.   Since training at the Jungle Summer has been a part of three National teams in the last three years and is a first team starter for the University of Saskatchewan women’s basketball team. We are all very proud of Summer and know she is destined for great things!



Brynn Masikewich started working with Greg at the jungle after seeing the success of Summer and since then has carved her own very impressive path as a basketball player and as a person.  Initially when Brynn began training at the jungle she rarely spoke and had trouble meeting Greg's eye contact.  Just over 1 year later Brynn was named the Cadet National Women's basketball team captain and a vital part of the 2017 silver medal performance!  During Brynn's first 16 month's at the Jungle she has overcome the incredible adversity of being injured for 6 month's.  Brynn worked through this adversity with the poise of an athlete much older and wiser. Brynn missed her entire high school basketball season and could not run or sprint for nearly 4 months.  Turning her attention to strength training, Brynn gained massive amounts of strength over the winter and was able to get herself in peak condition in order to make the National team. We are very proud of Brynn and look forward to seeing this young athlete continue to flourish in the future!



Shae Labbe began working with the Jungle when she was 14 years old.  A powerful skater from the start, Shea began to utilize the speed skating methods that Greg brought back from his years working in China and has never looked back.  Currently enrolled at Colgate University in the NCAA div-1, Labbe has made multiple team U18 Canadian National teams and is moving her way up.  Even from when she was very young Greg knew that Shae was a special athlete who was quiet and always focused on her goals. Shea exhibits a tremendous amount of strength and intelligence in equal measure and the Jungle is always a welcome home to her no matter where she is coming from.  Like all of our top athletes Shae is not only a great athlete but a great person as well and we are excited to be a part of her journey going forward.


Certainly Greg's longest running athlete, Kevin Noble has passed through many obstacles during their 14 year relationship.  Greg began working with Kevin as a 15 year old and has watched him grow into a world class athlete and an exceptional introspective person.  Far more then a simple hockey player Kevin has enormously varied talents and hobbies.  The original hardest worker in the room...any room, Kevin has worked his way up the hockey chain with grit and unbelievable determination.  Well into his professional hockey career in Europe Kevin finally was invited to showcase his talents in Australia for the past two summers representing Canada.  These days Kevin is focused on taking care of his body and extending his career into his thirties.  Having completed his MBA while playing hockey we are sure Kevin will make waves no matter where he ends up!


Gold medalists at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 the Chinese National relay team was made up of (L-R) Sun lin lin, Wang Meng, Zhang Hui and Zhou Yang.  To lump them together would be a major disservice. I worked with the Chinese National Short track speed skating team from 2006 to 2010 while living in China.

Sun Lin Lin

I clearly remember seeing her the first day I met the team. Cute girl, no butt and no strength.  In my mind she had no chance to skate fast and I told the head coach as much.  I was a stupid 26 year old coach and would learn my lesson over time. Sun Lin Lin was never the fastest or best skater but she was an incredibly hard worker who put in the extra hours over 4 years.  She was originally an alternate to the starting relay team but a last minute skating injury to much beloved Liu Qiu Hong left Sun Lin Lin the opportunity to start in the Olympics and she made the best of it winning a gold medal.

Wang Meng

The classic "high effort, high ability" athlete. Blessed with natural speed Wang Meng also had a competitive streak that others outside her circle might not know about.  A tremendous soccer and basketball player during inter squad games Wang Meng often dominated both women and men at whatever sport she felt like.  Upon arriving Weng Meng was neck and neck with the best Korean skaters but after 4 years she blew everyone away breaking many track, World and Olympic records. Wang Meng won 3 gold medals in Vancouver.

Zhang Hui

Young and powerful Zhang Hui was another talented athlete that came onto the National team two years into my stay in China. A great sense of depreciating humour made Zhang Hui a team favorite. Hard working from the beginning Zhang Hui slowly climbed the team ranks and eventually earned a spot on the relay team winning a gold medal.

Zhou Yang

Weak.  The only way to describe Zhou Yang when I first met her was weak and maybe uncoordinated. Terrible at every sport, Zhou Yang became a fish in water when she laced up her skates. Always talented she gained more and more speed over time as she became more powerful. Going from a squat of 40kg to 130kg over 4 years helped Zhou Yang break many speed records and she won 2 gold medals at Vancouver.