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Greg made a name for himself by throwing a few things in his backpack and leaving for China in 2006.  He had 10 days notice to get his affairs in order. He spoke not a word of Mandarin and had no idea where the city of Changchun was located.  He left on a 90 day contract. Four years later at the Vancouver Olympic games his women's Short Track National Speed skating team dominated the podium winning 7 gold medals.

His experience working and training with the best coaches in China made a permanent change to his coaching philosophy. Greg realized that only by seeking perfection can an athlete attain a real elite level of movement.

Since returning to Calgary Greg's vision has been to create a step by step multi year training program for all of his athletes (and yes everyone is an athlete) that creates extraordinary and radical changes to their physiology and psychology.  The foundation of the radical and extraordinary changes must stem from teaching athletes to move correctly.

The Jungle is a place where our athletes are physically and mentally challenged to rise to their potential. In a world that often prefers "ice cream", we serve the vegetables that our athletes need to grow grit. This earned grit will be forged by new habits.  A nail is driven out by another nail; habit is overcome by habit. Habits are safer than rules; you don't have to watch them. And you don't have to keep them either. They keep you.  Greg feels strongly that we are entitled to nothing and we must work for everything we get.

When Greg isn't coaching he enjoys reading the back of cereal boxes, collecting bottle caps and making beetles fight.  Greg also likes to spend time out wrestling his son Max (age 10), and reciting lines from " Rambo, First Blood" 




Peter Arbeau

Peter is a former Muay Thai and Kickboxing competitor. He has dedicated his life to the art of 8 limbs. Throughout his career Peter amassed 53 fights, winning 7 titles, and accumulated a wealth of athletic experience. Being a martial artist helped him reach levels of personal achievement he never thought possible.

Transitioning into a Performance Coach was a fabulous step for Peter. His passion and level of enthusiasm is contagious. His professional goal is to help individuals reach levels of greatness they never thought achievable.

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Charmayne Chou

Charmayne was a former figure skating and gymnastics champion. After living and working abroad for years, Charmayne moved to Calgary and discovered her love of working with young people. Her outgoing and happy personality help our youngest athletes feel welcome and our older athletes feel they are in their second home. Charmayne is the director of operations, performance coach, ambassador and Jungle mother to many.

Charmayne likes to spend her free time building lego, collecting used batteries and taking apart old flip phones. She is passionate about the physics of star trek, turfgrass science and bagpiping.