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Basketball Strength and Agility Programs



                     Jungle FORCE Program

                                                                                                 Forwards and Centers

Basic strength movements and footwork drills to create powerful men and women. No frills. Build serious strength and power. Get out of the way. That ball is mine, and the paint under the hoop is my house.

                                  Jungle Flight Program

                                                                                          Outside Shooters and Guards

Strength and speed movements to turn yourself into someone else's nightmare. Speed, agility, accuracy. Lean muscle for speed. Footwork to turn people inside out.



"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen." - Michael Jordan

At the Jungle our basketball programs focus on each athlete as an individual. Most training facilities train basketball players. We see things differently here.

We train young men and women who happen to be athletes that play the sport of basketball.

Young People -----> Athletes -----> Basketball Players.

Our strength and conditioning program at the Jungle is designed to develop the athletes' total athletic performance capabilities. To train athletic movements and basic motor skills we take a from a "centre-out" approach.  This approach is based on the following 3 questions,

1. Does our athlete have the optimal range of motion, flexibility for all joints and muscles as well as  trunk stability to thrive in a intensive training environment? If not we need to start here.

2. After analyzing our athletes do we uncover major strength deficiencies and asymmetries? If yes we then design a program to counter those deficiencies and asymmetries. 

3. Assuming there are no major strength deficiencies and asymmetries our next question is what does the athlete need to in order to perform at the highest level possible?  This is dependent on a myriad of factors such as age, gender, injury history, current maximum strength, current movement pattern ability plus many more. An independent program is designed assuming these factors for each athlete.


Call or email us for more information! 403-462-8424


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Volleyball Strength and Power Program

As a volleyball athlete it is very important to be explosive, quick, and agile on the court. Here at Jungle Strength and Performance we offer training programs that will increase explosive power, vertical jump, stamina, and speed and agility on the court. Our main focus is mainly increasing strength and power endurance and reducing the incidence of injuries. Volleyball players are put through a series of plyometric workouts
which include box jumps, medicine ball throws, resisted jumping, and line jumps. Also included in the workouts are speed workouts on the force treadmill where we can also work on increasing side shuffle speed.  This treadmill will help increase power and quickness. Once we are finished with the first part of the workout we then create individualized weight workouts for the athletes which are specific to volleyball.

  • Explode vertically with maximal acceleration for height
  • Change direction quicker than ever
  • Decelerate under control to help you make more plays
  • Power spike with more velocity then ever
  • Keep you in great shape so you can do all of the above deep into tournament play

Call us at 403-462-8424 for more details!


ACL tears can be one of the most difficult injuries to come back from and female athletes are at a risk 3-4 times higher than males. The ACL Bridge Program is designed to provide a safe intervention for ACL patients transitioning from traditional physical therapy around 12-16 weeks post-operative. Jungle Strength and Performance has had tremendous success getting athletes back to 100% competitive play after going through this program.

After you are done with physical therapy you are still not ready to return to your sport. This program will get you there! It bridges the gap between being functional and being ready to play a sport. Our goal is to transition the patient into full functional activity without any limitations.

Orthopaedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers and exercise physiologists have all had important roles in developing our rehabilitation program, with the protocol continually reviewed and evaluated as we accumulate data from over 12 medical-based facilities in our network. As with our other programs, this medically-based protocol is combined with patented technology to optimize sport specific and traditional rehabilitation activities. Using techniques developed by the most influential surgeons and physical therapists in the country, this program will reduce the risk of injury by:

1. Strengthening the muscles responsible for knee stabilization

2. Teaching athletes how to properly jump, land, cut, and decelerate

Program averages 2-3 days per week for 6-8 weeks but all programs are individualized based on the progress of each athlete. Each week athletes will schedule two training sessions which are followed by their strength training. The athletes will be encouraged to come in one additional time each week for their third strength training session.


Div 1 Program for Football


Did you know..


..the best measure of how good a football player can play is based off his 10 yard dash? (1)

..most players spend the off season working on things that don't translate to on the field performance? (2)

..there are approximately 65 plays per team per game in the CIS and high school football.  If you're a starter you better be in shape! (3)



Imagine if you could..


Find a program that understands the needs of football players?

Perform exercises that WILL translate to the field?

After putting in the hard work getting the results you deserve?


You don't have to imagine it. Our proven speed and power program is designed to increase every football players abilities.  Come try us out!

For more information call 403 462 8424


1. http://www.higher-faster-sports.com/40yarddashassessment1.html

2. http://nextlevelperformancecenter.com/wordpress/2013/03/top-5-off-season-mistakes-made-by-football-players/

3. http://www.canadawest.org/sports/fball/index



Velocity Program

For hockey players


1. Did you know?

NHL forward Alex Ovechkin has a top speed of 36km/hr and accelerates at 9.5m/s2?

Speed Skating champion Pavel Kulizhnikov has been clocked skating at a mind blowing speed of 59.23km/hr?

2. Imagine if...

We could somehow blend the acceleration of hockey players with the top brute speed of speed skaters?


3. You don't have to Imagine it...

It happens every off season right here in Calgary. Former Olympic gold medal winning coach with the Chinese short track speed skating team Greg Almond has produced and refined a program that will deliver just that...radical speed and acceleration for your hockey player. Based on years of experimentation and results with the fastest skaters in the world, the Velocity program marries the best of acceleration and agility training in hockey players with the firepower of speed skating methods.  You get the best of both worlds.  Training spots will be limited

Please call 403-462-8424 to make sure to get your spot.


Junior/NCAA/CIS Program

Programming for Jr/NCAA/CIS players will be customized to each players individual needs as well as your teams fitness requirements


Peewee/Bantam/Midget Program

Programming for Midget and Bantam Players will be based on each individuals current stage of physical development and customized accordingly. Some Midget players may be asked to move up to the Jr/NCAA/CIS based on their ability


Girls hockey

A training program specifically designed for the unique needs of the female hockey player.